[Dnsmasq-discuss] setting up dynamic DNS?

Adam Hardy adam.ant at cyberspaceroad.com
Wed Sep 12 00:38:47 BST 2007

xerces8 on 11/09/07 08:42, wrote:
> Adam Hardy <adam.ant at cyberspaceroad.com> wrote :
>> PS here are the files for reference if they help:
>> isengard:~# cat /etc/hosts
>>       localhost
>>     isengard.localdomain.net isengard
> 1.) .net is an official TLD. Do not make up nonregistered names in it.
> Use names that were created for this purpose. See RFC 2606, quoting :
> To safely satisfy these needs, four domain names are reserved as
>    listed and described below.
>                    .test
>                 .example
>                 .invalid
>               .localhost

That is surprising. I chose 'localdomain.net' thinking it would somehow or other 
something I was meant to do.

I now just have 'localdomain' as my domain name, and it works happily.

Does this mean I don't actually need a TLD part at all?

> Again, I recommend using a Windows client for tests, because :
>  - it works
>  - it is simple
> When it works, you can go and set up the other clients.

I will be testing with windows when I try getting samba up and running. 
Hopefully it will work and be simple then too!


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