[Dnsmasq-discuss] Am I missing something?

B. Cook bcook at poughkeepsieschools.org
Sun Jan 6 12:31:48 GMT 2008

On Jan 3, 2008, at 12:03 PM, Simon Kelley wrote:

> B. Cook wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> the node-$number entries come from tinydns.
>> any clue would be appreciated, thanks in advance
> You've got log-queries set, so if the reverse resolutions from arp -a
> were getting to dnsmasq, you would see them in the log irrespective
> where they get answered. If you don't. then you have a DNS-plumbing
> problem and libc is sending the queries to tinydns. Beware of your
> trick, those addresses don't always behave in  
> straightforward
> ways, in my experience.
> Cheers,
> Simon.

Hello again,

I found out the 'issue' those hosts which had node-$ in them had not  
yet received dhcpd from dnsmasq and therefore dnsmasq (obviously) did  
not know about them and used the tinydns server to get its answers.   
The isc dhcpd server that this was 'replacing' had the lease time set  
to two days. :P

I've been doing wierd things with DNS for a while, and dnsmasq just  
lets me do them easier and cleaner.  :)

But I did find an article that helped me a few years ago and I picked  
up some better ideas from it if you google for:
Daemon News '200210' : '"DNS and "The djb Way" "'

http://ezine.daemonnews.org/200210/ezdjbdns.html - atm that link looks  
bad, but google cache has it as does archive.org

Thank you for responding.

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