[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq hogging the cpu all of a sudden

Sue & Bruce Horsburgh suebruce at exemail.com.au
Tue Jan 8 11:54:46 GMT 2008


I've been running a Ubuntu server in a fairly simple home system (4 
windows & 1 linux client) using dnsmasq for about a year. It's been 
exactly what I needed and totally stable. I upgraded it a little while 
back to the then latest ubuntu release (7.04?) which includes dnsmasq 
version 2.37. Still well and good. I haven't touched it since them (as 
all good servers should be).

A couple of weeks ago, I lost internet access, and I traced it back to 
dnsmasq not answering DNS requests. What's more, it had started using 
100% cpu. A restart fixed the problem, and I just put it down to stray 
cosmic rays... :-) However, it's happening every few days now. The 
syslog files give no indication of anything out if the ordinary. The 
dhcp server continues to renew leases whilst it's refusing DNS requests, 
so it's not entirely dead.

Two questions. Is there a way I can get more information out of it as to 
what might be going wrong (ie some way to increase the verbosity of log 
messages)? Secondly, (and I'll apologise in advance for the dumb 
question, but) I know that you have released new versions, but ubuntu 
hasn't included them in their release list so it isn't a simple matter 
of 'apt-get install'. Bearing in mind that this is my 'production' 
server (and if it dies then I can't access the internet to install 
anything else), is there a safe way to upgrade? (I used to have a test 
server, but sadly no longer).



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