[Dnsmasq-discuss] force broadcast BOOTP reply

Bodo Bellut bodo at bellut.net
Fri Jan 11 12:57:47 GMT 2008


> > on Linux dnsmasq uses unicast BOOTP replies in combination with ARP 
> > injection. I'm trying to boot a PXE client which doesn't like this (the 
> > fact that it's using BOOTP rather than DHCP already shows its age...) and 
> > wants a broadcast reply instead.
> > 
> > Is there a way to force a broadcast BOOTP reply instead of a unicast one?
> > 
> > Other BOOTP clients and of course all DHCP clients work fine with dnsmasq.
> > 
> There's a flag bit in the request which the client can set to force a
> broadcast reply. Maybe your client has an option to do that? If not

Unfortunately, the client isn't configurable at all. It might also have 
been made before 1993 so it doesn't know about the flag. Either way, it
doesn't set the flag.

> there's not currently a way to do it by configuring dnsmasq, but a crude
> patch would be very simple (basically, just set the
> reply-using-broadcast flag.) A proper configuration option would be a
> bit more difficult, but not much.

Then I'd like to request a configuration option, if possible per client. I 
don't want to risk other clients stopping to work because of this.

cu, Bodo
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