[Dnsmasq-discuss] Question

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Fri Jan 25 18:47:00 GMT 2008

Ron Frederick wrote:

> I prefer a different approach for this. It still relies on ethernet 
> (MAC) addresses, but it allows me to still use /etc/hosts and doesn't 
> rely on the client to send its hostname. If you populate /etc/hosts with 
> a mapping from hostnames to IP addresses and /etc/ethers with a mapping 
> from those same hostnames to MAC addresses, dnsmasq will automatically 
> associate the matching MAC addresses and IP addresses. If you configure 
> a subnet to give out static addresses, it will then use the mappings it 
> has from /etc/ethers to /etc/hosts to do the address assignment. For 
> example, here's a snippet of my various config files:
> /etc/ethers:
> 00:11:24:a3:4e:f7 powerbook
> 00:13:b6:32:32:a7 slingbox
> 00:0e:08:ca:c4:9b sipura
> 00:18:f9:03:39:36 vudu
> 00:08:89:76:7d:e0 dish622
> 00:1c:b3:68:67:6d iphone
> /etc/hosts:
> powerbook
> slingbox
> sipura
> vudu
> dish622
> iphone
> /etc/dnsmasq.conf:
> # DHCP range for internal LAN/WiFi
> dhcp-range=lan,,,,12h
> dhcp-option=lan,3,
> dhcp-option=lan,6,
> dhcp-option=lan,42,
> In this case, I have it giving out dynamic addresses as well as static 
> ones, but I could do static-only with a line like:
> dhcp-range=lan,,static,,12h

Don't forget that you have to tell dnsmasq to read /etc/ethers by adding


to /etc/dnsmasq.conf



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