[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNSMasq, DHCP, Shorewall, and Proxy Arp

Steve H. steve at csquaredtech.com
Sat Feb 2 10:56:05 GMT 2008


  I've been trying to figure out how to get DNSMasq setup to serve DHCP for my 
networks.  I have a firewall setup according to the Shorewall 
(http://www.shorewall.net ) proxy arp configuration.  My firewall has two 
interfaces :
  eth0 (routable, internet facing)
  eth1 (internal network)

The firewall does proxy arp for several small networks:
  w.x.159.160/28 (routable)
  w1.x1.81.224/27 (routable)
  (and 2 other /27 ranges)
The machines behind the firewall are all on the subnets (NOT the 192.168/16) 
and have routes added to use as the gateway.  This all works great,  
and simplifies things greatly as my isp caches arp replies for 6 hours (this 
way, they always get replies from my firewall...and I can reconfigure the 
internal network without problem.)

I would like for DNSMasq running on eth1 of the firewall to hand out dhcp 
addresses for those address blocks.  For testing I just added the 81.224/27:

However, DNSMasq complains 'no address range available for DHCP request' when 
trying to get an address for client22.  Is there a way to configure this 
without having to assign an address from each net-block to eth1 on the 
firewall ?

also, is there a way to use the hosts file 'en toto' - like an 'ethers' file?  
It would sure cut down on typing if you didn't have to specify 
a 'dhcp-host:foo' for everything you want assigned from your hosts file....


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