[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq 2.41 released.

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Feb 12 20:52:44 GMT 2008

Five and a half months after the last release, dnsmasq version 2.41 is 
now available.

Highlights of this release are Solaris support and a change in licensing 
to GPL-v2/GPL-v3 dual license.

Download is available at:

The complete changelog looks like this.

             Remove deprecated calls when compiled against libdbus 1.1.

             Fix "strict-alias" warning in bpf.c

             Reduce dependency on Gnu-make in build system: dnsmasq now
             builds with system make under OpenBSD.

             Port to Solaris. Dnsmasq 1.x used to run under Solaris,
             and this release does so again, for Solaris 9 or better.

             Allow the DNS function to be completely disabled, by
             setting the port to zero "--port=0". The allows dnsmasq to
             be used as a simple DHCP server, simple TFTP server, or
             both, but without the DNS server getting in the way.

             Fix a bug where NXDOMAIN could be returned for a query
             even if the name's value was known for a different query
             type. This bug could be prodded with
             --local=/domain/ --address=/name.domain/
             An IPv6 query for name.domain would return NXDOMAIN, and
             not the correct NOERROR. Thanks to Lars Nooden for
             spotting the bug and Jima for diagnosis of the problem.

             Added per-server stats to the information logged when
             dnsmasq gets SIGUSR1.

             Added counts of queries forwarded and queries answered
             locally (from the cache, /etc/hosts or config).

             Fixed possible crash bug in DBus IPv6 code. Thanks to Matt
             Domsch and Jima.

             Tighten checks for clashes between hosts-file and
             DHCP-derived names. Multiple addresses associated with a
             name in hosts-file no longer confuses the check.

             Add --dhcp-no-override option to fix problems with some
             combinations of stage zero and stage one
             bootloaders. Thanks to Steve Alexander for the bug report.

             Add --tftp-port-range option. Thanks to Daniel Mierswa for
             the suggestion.

             Add --stop-dns-rebind option. Thanks to Collin Mulliner
             for the patch.

             Added GPL version 3 as a license option.

             Added --all-servers option. Thanks to Peter Naulls for the

             Extend source address mechanism so that the interface used
             to contact an upstream DNS server can be nailed
             down. Something like "--server= at eth1" will force
             the use of eth1 for traffic to DNS-server This
             facility is only available on Linux and Solaris. Thanks to
             Peter Naulls for prompting this.

             Add --dhcp-optsfile option. Thanks to Carlos Carvalho for
             the suggestion.

             Fixed failure to set source address for server connections
             when using TCP. Thanks to Simon Capper for finding this

             Refuse to give a DHCP client the address it asks for if
             the address range in question is not available to that
             particular host. Thanks to Cedric Duval for the bug

             Changed behavior of DHCP server to always return total   	
             length of a new lease in DHCPOFFER, even if an existing
             lease exists. (It used to return the time remaining on the
             lease when one existed.) This fixes problems with the Sony
             Ericsson K610i phone. Thanks to Hakon Stordahl for finding
	    and fixing this.

             Add DNSMASQ_INTERFACE to the environment of the
             lease-change script. Thanks to Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos for
             the patch.

             Fixed broken --alias functionality. Thanks to Michael
             Meelis for the bug report.

             Added French translation of the man page. Thank to Gildas
             Le Nadan for that.

             Add --dhcp-match flag, to check for arbitrary options in
             DHCP messages from clients. This enables use of dnsmasq
             with gPXE. Thanks to Rance Hall for the suggestion.

             Added --dhcp-broadcast, to force broadcast replies to DHCP
             clients which need them but are too dumb or too old to
             ask. Thanks to Bodo Bellut for the suggestion.

             Disable path-MTU discovery on DHCP and TFTP sockets. This
             is never needed, and the presence of DF flags in the IP
             header confuses some broken PXE ROMS. Thanks again to Bodo
             Bellut for spotting this.

             Fix problems with addresses which have multiple PTR
             records - all but one of these could get lost.

             Fix bug with --address and ANY query type seeing REFUSED
             return code in replies. Thanks to Mike Wright for spotting
             the problem.

             Update Spanish translation. Thanks to Chris Chatham.

             Add --neg-ttl option.

             Add warnings about the bad effects of --filterwin2k on
             SIP, XMPP and Google-talk to the example config file.

             Fix va_list abuse in log.c. This fixes crashes on powerpc
             when debug mode is set. Thanks to cedric Duval for the




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