[Dnsmasq-discuss] some ip6 question

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Feb 18 14:19:25 GMT 2008

Gergely Gábor wrote:
> Hello fellow dnsmasq users, and devels!
> I'm a happy user of dnsmasq, I use it for dns forwarding, and ip
> resolving at home. I have only one problem, that is quite annoying:
> i set up several ips in /etc/hosts, ans use thy -y option, to
> localise queries. this has only one problem, altought the server
>  enyergija 
> ::1	     enyergija 
> enyergija
> is set up this way (well, some other aliases are there for localhost)
>  i susally get the ansewar ::1 for quries on other macines, as ipv6
> is preferred, ans dnsmasq doen't localise those queries... this is
> unconvinient. is there a way to solve this? is there a waorkaround?
> Or it is waiting for someone to do the job...

I'm not sure how to fix this: dnsmasq doesn't have a choice if sending _or_ ::1. The query which it gets will be for IPv6 or IPv4
and it can only answer with data of the same type.

It looks like your machine queries IPv6 first, and only tries IPv4 of if
doesn't get an answer for IPv6. There may be a way to change that, but
it's a change to the host system, not dnsmasq.



> Thanks for the replies
> Yours sincerely, Gergely Gábor <elentirmo.gilgalad at gmail.com> -- *
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