[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq gives wrong IP if using client id

Joerg Mechnich joerg.mechnich at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 01:15:50 GMT 2008


I am running dnsmasq 2.40 on Debian testing arm5vtel and have the
following problem:

My laptop is used in the local network either on wireless or wired
ethernet. So I am using something like

dhcp-host=id:00:78:56:34:12,badwolf.localnet in dnsmasq.conf and  badwolf.localnet             in /etc/hosts

for client identification (i.e. use client id instead of MAC address) so
that I can get the same ip address on both interfaces.

This basically works *but* when the dhcp client tries to reactivate a
lease from a different network (e.g. if I come home from work where the
machine had a different IP) it gets an arbitrary ip from the DHCP pool.

I have to manually delete the leases on the client (dhcp3-client 3.0.6),
change/remove the client entry in dnsmasq.leases and restart dnsmasq.

As far as I can tell, this does not happen when using the MAC address
for client identification.

So my suspicion is that the requested ip address in the DHCP Discover
packet somehow confuses dnsmasq if one uses the client id for client
identification, I would expect dnsmasq to ignore it.

Is it possible to force the "correct" behaviour or would I have to
configure my client differently?

Maybe this isn't even a bug but a feature that I don't understand ;)


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