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Robert Diamond deadram at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 15:52:02 GMT 2008

I know that dnsmasq likes to do it's ip filtering in the user-space,
but I'd rather be able to specify ip's for it to bind to, that show up
in netstat. Maybe I'm just a little anal about that stuff, but it just
doesn't look right to me :) (Yahp, I've even added iptables rules in my
never ending effort to be crazy ^.~)


Shows some options to get the dns server part binding to an ip via the
kernel. The dhcp server will still look like it's listening on all ip's
(as will the dns forwarder; and possibly tftp server?).

$ netstat -anlpA inet
udp  0  0*  30768/dnsmasq
udp  0  0*  30768/dnsmasq
udp  0  0*  30768/dnsmasq
udp  0  0*  30768/dnsmasq

[Internet interface ip]:5353 is where forwarded dns queries get sent
back to. I'd like "" to show and
to show a.x.y.z:5353 (a.x.y.z being my internet/external ip). There was
a patch somewhere in this list, that has been added to the code a few
versions back that allowed multiple instances of dnsmasq to bind to I'd just prefer if there was a 'listen-dns; listen-dnsforward;
listen-dhcp' (and maybe a 'listen-tftp') option that couples with
'bind-interface' to give my desired results.

I'm going to be doing some looking over the code in an effort to
include this functionality in a patch, but if someone else has done the
work already, or if I've somehow missed an available option in my conf
file please let me know :)

Robert A.M. Diamond
  <deadram at gmail.com>

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		-- Woody Allen, "Without Feathers"

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