[Dnsmasq-discuss] Disappearing hosts from local DNS resolution

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Fri Oct 3 21:30:03 BST 2008

kyron at neuralbs.com wrote:

> Nope, seems dhcpcd is not requesting a renew of the lease at 1/2 time as
> it should (IIRC). http://wiki.neuralbs.com/~kyron/DHCP_reqs_tb17 contains
> a grep of the DHCP activity from the disappearing nodes int
> /var/log/messages.

Why are there offers to eth1 and eth2?, and no DISCOVERs? Have you 
checked with Roy for dhcpcd problems?

>> What does your network topology look like? Are you using DHCP relays
>> and/or a not-fully-routed IP network? It's possiblr for hosts to be able
>> to get a network, but not renew it under some circumstances.
> Nope
>>>> Are you doing something odd with the leases file?
>>> Nope, nothing at all, no touching it.
>> No on volatile storage which gets wiped over a reboot?
> Yes but no, as in, the nodes are diskless so the entire environment is
> volatile (hence the static IP assignements in the conf file) but the nodes
> don't reboot between the disappearance.



> Cheers,
> Eric
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