[Dnsmasq-discuss] Disappearing hosts from local DNS resolution

richardvoigt at gmail.com richardvoigt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 04:29:25 BST 2008

> Nope, seems dhcpcd is not requesting a renew of the lease at 1/2 time as
> it should (IIRC). http://wiki.neuralbs.com/~kyron/DHCP_reqs_tb17 contains
> a grep of the DHCP activity from the disappearing nodes int
> /var/log/messages.

Can you get a client-side log, or even better packet capture?
DISCOVER and RENEW requests may look different enough to match
firewall rules differently.  For example, DISCOVER sent to broadcast
address and RENEW sent unicast.

>> What does your network topology look like? Are you using DHCP relays
>> and/or a not-fully-routed IP network? It's possiblr for hosts to be able
>> to get a network, but not renew it under some circumstances.
> Nope
>>>> Are you doing something odd with the leases file?
>>> Nope, nothing at all, no touching it.
>> No on volatile storage which gets wiped over a reboot?
> Yes but no, as in, the nodes are diskless so the entire environment is
> volatile (hence the static IP assignements in the conf file) but the nodes
> don't reboot between the disappearance.
> Cheers,
> Eric
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