[Dnsmasq-discuss] RE: Multiple server interaction with multiple subnets

Mitchell Hicks mitchix at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 18:04:53 BST 2008

This has come up a few times (i read as much of the archives as i could)

this is the two dnsmasq servers connected by a vpn

I'd like to thank every one that works on this great project.

I have this same issue with 7 routers vpn networks and 56 computers

"Data Control Systems - Mike Elkevizth wrote:
> Thank you for the response. I am not really sure how the DHCP-relay works.
> The main reason I haven't tried this before, and I will study into that
> option, is that the subnets are connected through a VPN. They are three
> separate router boxes all connected through the internet. There is a high
> probability that these connections can be down for some periods of time
> where the servers cannot communicate with each other. While I would love
> say that this won't happen, it will, and I would like each subnet to still
> be able to continue working (workstations on the local subnet
> with the local server) even when this occurs. I believe that the relay
> probably not be able to pass out DHCP addresses if it loses connection
> the main DHCP server (this is what I will look into). So if you know a way
> to set up multiple dnsmasq to do what I was looking for I would still
> appreciate a quick how-to

current working model(is very very ugly but working)
static dhcp via dhcp-hosts

and adding entry's to the /etc/hosts file

i can ping via name all of them (only 56)

since i have control of all the name's there are no duplicates...

i am currently looking into making a cron job to scp the /tmp/dhcp.leases files from each router and parsing them with awk to create a host compatible file for each site. then add the site file to dnsmasq.conf with addn-hosts=
(i think i have to send a sigup of some sort)

just noticed the dhcp-script... might be able to use that.. but my brain is sizzling at the moment...

this is not an easy thing.. but anyone connecting two or more routers via VPN will have this issue (yes i know that's what split is for but that only works if each side has a different domain.)
what i don't see is a way for dnsmasq to share local dns with other dnsmasq over vpn


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