[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq-2.46 release candidate.

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu Oct 16 21:11:52 BST 2008

It's time to start working towards a new release: since 2.45 there have 
been significant feature enhancements which address most of the 
long-standing requests, including multiple domain support and support 
for laptops with multiple interfaces.

After the mad scramble to fix the Kaminski security hole, I'd like to 
take this release a bit slower and try and get it right first time. 
Therefore I've made available dnsmasq-2.46rc1. I'd appreciate it if as 
mant people as possible could download and test it over the next couple 
weeks. That way we'll nail any regressions before the final version.


Full changelog:

version 2.46
             Allow --bootp-dynamic to take a netid tag, so that it may
             be selectively enabled. Thanks to Olaf Westrik for the

             Remove ISC-leasefile reading code. This has been
             deprecated for a long time, and last time I removed it, it
             ended up going back by request of one user. This time,
             it's gone for good; otherwise it would need to be
             re-worked to support multiple domains (see below).

             Support DHCP clients in multiple DNS domains. This is a
             long-standing request. Clients are assigned to a domain
             based in their IP address.

             Add --dhcp-fqdn flag, which changes behaviour if DNS names
             assigned to DHCP clients. When this is set, there must be
             a domain associated with each client, and only
             fully-qualified domain names are added to the DNS. The
             advantage is that the only the FQDN needs to be unique,
             so that two or more DHCP clients can share a hostname, as
             long as they are in different domains.

             Set environment variable DNSMASQ_DOMAIN when invoking
             lease-change script. This may be useful information to
             have now that it's variable.

             Tighten up data-checking code for DNS packet
             handling. Thanks to Steve Dodd who found certain illegal
             packets which could crash dnsmasq. No memory overwrite was
             possible, so this is not a security issue beond the DoS

             Update example config dhcp option 47, the previous
             suggestion generated and illegal, zero-length,
             option. Thanks to Matthias Andree for finding this.

             Rewrite hosts-file reading code to remove the limit of
             1024 characters per line. John C Meuser found this.

             Create a net-id tag with the name of the interface on
             which the DHCP request was received.

             Fixed minor memory leak in DBus code, thanks to Jeremy
             Laine for the patch.

             Emit DBus signals as the DHCP lease database
             changes. Thanks to Jeremy Laine for the patch.

             Allow for more that one MAC address in a dhcp-host
             line. This configuration tells dnsmasq that it's OK to
             abandon a DHCP lease of the fixed address to one MAC
             address, if another MAC address in the dhcp-host statement
             asks for an address. This is useful to give a fixed
             address to a host which has two network interfaces
             (say, a laptop with wired and wireless interfaces.)
             It's very important to ensure that only one interface
             at a time is up, since dnsmasq abandons the first lease
             and re-uses the address before the leased time has
             elapsed. John Gray suggested this.

             Tweak the response to a DHCP request packet with a wrong
             server-id when --dhcp-authoritative is set; dnsmasq now
             returns a DHCPNAK, rather than silently ignoring the
             packet.Thanks to Chris Marget for spotting this

             Add --cname option. This provides a limited alias
             function, usable for DHCP names. Thanks to AJ Weber for
             suggestions on this.

             Updated contrib/webmin with latest version from Neil



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