[Dnsmasq-discuss] RFC: Split up the default configuration file

Rune Kock rune.kock at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 18:53:38 BST 2008

I find that dnsmasq's configuration file can be somewhat intimidating
for newbies.  There are quite a lot of options, but only a few of them
are really needed for a typical newbie-setup.

What about splitting the current dnsmasq.conf into 5 files:

- dnsmasq.conf itself is primarily used to include the other conf-files.
- dhcp-basic
- dhcp-adv
- dns-basic
- dns-adv

And then put the options that are typically only used by experts into
the adv files.

Obviously, this can only be done for new installations, upgrades must
keep the existing file.

If people find that this is a good idea, I could do the split up.
Others will have to change the packaging for the distributions,


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