[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP for captive portal

Peter webwiz at pl.net
Sun Nov 2 22:15:35 GMT 2008

That first bit isnt very clear.

As it stands, the node is preconfigured with a static ip (out of that houses allocated range) and the user allocated a captive portal web login. They then can log in to the registration webpage, which captures there ip and mac-address, and creates a firewall rule allowing their internet access. 

If were running on dhcp this is how i envisage it:

The user with a machine on dhcp initially gets a short lease for a temp address. They then can log into the captive portal website (or is redirected there by a firewall rule). Registration captures there mac address and assigns them a ip address out of that households 5 ip allocation. These are script appended to the dnsmasq hosts list. Dhcp then expires their short lease (say 2 mins), the client request another , and since they now feature in the host list they get a new ip from the permanent range. Firewall rules added as before.



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