[Dnsmasq-discuss] Naming dual homed computers

gypsy gypsy at iswest.com
Sat Nov 8 17:53:46 GMT 2008

> > The problem I'm having after attempting to employ your suggestions is
> > that the machines with only a LAN interface are working exactly as
> > expected, but the dual homed machines cannot resolve those LAN
> > workstations.  For example, 'ping mike' from moe looks for mike.my.tld
> > (asking dnsmasq on larry).  Of course, mike.my.tld does not exist.  All
> > machines have nameserver (larry) in /etc/resolve.conf.

> > I'll continue to test different setups, but explanatory documentation
> > with examples would help an ignorant old man a lot...
> > --
> > gypsy
> why doesnt mike.my.tld exist?

I don't have a clue.  Probably because I have not correctly set
resolv.conf, or perhaps /etc/HOSTNAME.  But I'm only guessing - because
I can't find a document that explains to me how to configure...

> all machines on a network need a FQDN and just "mike" is NOT an FQDN.
> If you have a real domain that you own, there is no reason that
> dnsmasq can not be configured to be authoritative for that domain, and
> all your local machines can answer for domain my.tld even though its
> only for the private network.

This is a real, registered domain.  If you care, "my.tld" =
"chsoft.biz", though I don't see the significance.
I'm baffled by the fact that larry returns an answer from its hosts file
to LAN machine requests but does not do the same when a dual homed
machine asks for the same name.  'ping mike' works from every LAN
machine and fails from every dual homed machine; I don't know why.

I'm not (yet) asking for resolution.  I may stumble on it over the
weekend.  But it is a shame that there isn't some guide I can read and

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