[Dnsmasq-discuss] Providing different DHCP info for different interfaces?

Paul Smith psmith at gnu.org
Fri Nov 21 21:39:05 GMT 2008

Hi all; I suspect this is a common question but I haven't been able to
find the answer in the FAQ, etc.  Is there a way to search the mailing
list archives?  I couldn't find one.

Anyway.  I have a system with four NICs and I want dnsmasq to listen on
two of them and reply to DHCP requests.

I would like to set a vendor-class field on the replies going out over
one of the interfaces to one value, and the vendor-class field on
replies going out over the other interface to a different value.

Dnsmasq seems to want to use a "network-id" to specify all sorts of
useful things including the vendor-class value.

However, I can't seem to find any way to specify that a given network
interface should have a specific network-id value; it seems that they
are assigned based on the dhcp-range or the dhcp-host (which I don't
want to use: I want all my systems to be completely dynamic).  And, I
can't even find a way to specify a specific dhcp-range should be used
for one interface and a different dhcp-range should be used for the
other interface.

Any hints?


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