[Dnsmasq-discuss] maximum number of "address" lines

Philippe Faure philippe at faure.ca
Thu Nov 27 02:50:48 GMT 2008


I run a script that takes URLs that display adds, and point them to an  
un-used Local IP address. for example:  

All of these addresses are in one file which DNSMASQ reads at startup.  
  I have noticed that the number of addresses in this file is now  
really large. About 17000 redirections.

I have tried to start dnsmasq and it comes back with an error on line  
13910. There was nothing different about line 13910, and 13909, except  
for the different url.

I was wondering if DNSMASQ had an internal limit of the number of  
redirects, or the size of input files, or anything else that would  
cause a problem?

Here is what I found in syslog:
Nov 26 00:01:33 philserver dnsmasq[22070]: error at line 13910 of  
Nov 26 00:01:33 philserver dnsmasq[22070]: FAILED to start up

There was nothing in dnsmasq.log file.


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