[Dnsmasq-discuss] Config file length / performance question

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Dec 7 09:46:10 GMT 2008

Johann MacDonagh wrote:
> But, I'm having difficulty getting dhcp-option 12 to work (hostname).
> If, in an experiment, someone deploys out 2 or more Windows boxes, all
> but the first one will complain that the host name already exists on
> the network. Sysprep is an option, but it's slow and buggy in our
> case. I'd like to send out the host name that are in my static lease
> lines. E.g.
> dhcp-host=00:50:56:00:01:01,vm0101,
> should send "vm0101" as option 12. Linux VMs ignore this (by default),
> but Windows is more than happy to accept it, and avoid annoying "host
> name already exists" messages.
> I searched around and found older messages regarding this, but no real
> solutions. Does dnsmasq support DHCP option 12?

If windows as requesting option 12, then it will be sent as "vm0101", in 
your example.

Are you sure that windows will take the hostname via DHCP? Windows hosts 
normally work the other way around, ie the host tells the DHCP server 
what its name is.

If the windows DHCP doesn't ask for the hostname, but still honours it 
whne sent, then --dhcp-option-force is your friend.

Fot clarification, are the "host name already exists" messages from 
Windows, or dnsmasq?



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