[Dnsmasq-discuss] Proposal for DHCP Option 93 capture

Joey Korkames joey+lists at kidfixit.com
Wed Dec 24 03:42:39 GMT 2008

I wanted to air some thoughts about adding support for DHCP's option 93 in a future release of dnsmasq...
EFI machines (and other non-typical architectures) use it to tell a dhcp server that it is not an X86 (so you can direct it to TFTP GET elilo/yaboot/etc instead of pxelinux)

Maybe the option could work like dhcp-vendorclass does now for recieved vendor identifier strings, allowing you to reclass special machine types to their own bootfiles/servers:

dhcp-arch=peecees,00:00 #x86-32
dhcp-arch=itanics,00:02 #IA64 
dhcp-arch=hammers,00:06 #x86-64
dhcp-arch=mactels,00:07 #EFI x86-64

Here are examples of the option's current usage by ISC dhcpd:

Here are (provisional?) lists of the allocated arch values:
 (^ as implemented by wdsnbp.com : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc732351.aspx)

Depending on how needy I get, I may get a patch written (the codebase being 
sight-unseen to me, although I like using it much more than ISC dhcpd).


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