[Dnsmasq-discuss] problem getting gpxe to work within dnsmasq

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 04:46:58 BST 2009

Heres my setup dnsmasq is my dhcp/dns/tftpserver all together.

I have a working pxe menu system I like, and it affords me the chance
to boot dban, memtest, etc just from pxe.

I've really struggled getting gPXE to work the way I want it to since
Simon was so nice to alter dnsmasq to that gpxe would work

the gpxe authors and Simon have apparently teamed up as there is some
really good docs out there.

Here is what Im trying to accomplish:

leave the currently setup pxe menus alone, except add an option from
one of the menus to boot gpxe from pxe.

pxe supplies the gpxe kernel just like it would for any other product.

gpxe starts, gets a different bootfile name and starts the gPXe menu
page where you can define the various iSCSI drives that are


here is the stock dnsmasq config file section

# Boot for Etherboot gPXE. The idea is to send two different
# filenames, the first loads gPXE, and the second tells gPXE what to
# load. The dhcp-match sets the gpxe tag for requests from gPXE.
#dhcp-match=gpxe,175 # gPXE sends a 175 option.

I have the following configuration

dhcp-match=gpxe,175 # gPXE sends a 175 option.

where menu.gpxe exists right next to the pxelinux.0 file in the fttp
directory and the file is a gpxe script that tells it what to do next.

on my clients I get the following behavior...

pxe boots as expected.

select gpxe from pxe menu

gpxe loads as expected

gpxe does NOT load the script and create the menu.

gpxe reloads itself ONCE

no filename or root path specified



if I dont try to give gpxe a menu, gxe loads ONCE, and then gives me a
"press ctrl-b to get a command prompt"  and when the command prompt is
present, I can manually do what I want.

I'm open to the possibility that my menu is hosed, but I just want to
double check that my setup is correct.

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