[Dnsmasq-discuss] multiple programs using UDP port 53

Tom Metro tmetro+dnsmasq at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 22:32:04 BST 2009

Yesterday I rebooted a Debian Lenny system for the first time since
applying the upgrade to Lenny a few months ago, and about 5 minutes
later Dnsmasq stopped responding to DNS queries (local or LAN).
Restarting Dnsmasq didn't help. No queries would show up in the log from
that point forward. A reboot would restore operation for a little while, 
but then it would break again.

I explored a whole bunch of potential causes, but the culprit turned up 
when I took a closer look at netstat:
# netstat -anp | fgrep dns
tcp        0  0*     LISTEN 
udp        0  0* 
udp   111356  0* 
udp        0  0* 
udp        0  0*                 6348/dnsmasq

The Lenny upgrade apparently resurrected a dormant (and now completely 
removed) installation of djbdns (dnscache, tinydns).

I think this set up a situation similar to what was described in this 
bug report:

talking about how bind9, if configured to listen on all IPv4 and IPv6
addresses can block, if it receives a UDP packet on "an IPv4 address on
which bind9 is NOT listening."

The symptoms described are identical to what I observed. As if an OS 
buffer for the UDP packets filled up, and from that point forward, 
things didn't work.

(The above netstat output reflects some changes I made to Dnsmasq's 
settings to get it to listen specifically on the LAN IP address, in an 
attempt to resolve the problem, but it didn't work. I had been running 
with the default (unset) settings. I did find that setting 
bind-interfaces in addition to listen-address fixed the problem, prior 
to finding the true case, but with djbdns removed, I've reverted back to 
the default settings.)

I'm wondering of Dnsmasq could be enhanced to detect this kind of a 
conflict, and issue a warning?


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
Professional Profile: http://tmetro.venturelogic.com/

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