[Dnsmasq-discuss] ethers should have precedence over client dhcp request

Michael Rack dnsmasq.list at michaelrack.de
Mon Jul 6 16:37:12 BST 2009

Hi Richard,

i am an advanced user :-D You don't have to tell me, that i have to 
restart dnsmasq in order to reload the configuration-data ;-)

Of course, dnsmasq was restarted after changing the configuration, but 
no ip-change on the client was affected.


>> Hi Simon,
>> i have the same probleme here. I just plugged in the network-cable to my
>> VoIP-Phone (snom 360). Snom discovered for an ip-address and dnsmasq gave it
>> a free address in the dhcp-pool. After that, i added the mac-address to the
>> dhcp-host-addresses and set the ip-address to a different one. Snom 360
>> allways got DHCPACK for requesting the old ip-address. I had to delete the
>> dhcp-lease-file-entry and restart dnsmasq.
> I don't think you had to delete the lease entry, you definitely needed
> to restart dnsmasq because the configuration is cached at startup.
> There's a signal for re-reading some files but not the main
> configuration.

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