[Dnsmasq-discuss] writing a dhclient-exit-hooks script to manage dnsmasq

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 13:54:34 BST 2009

On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 12:24 AM, Brad Morgan<b-morgan at concentric.net> wrote:
>> Then I need the script to do something strange, I want it to upload a
>> file to my isp's webhosting account so that my public ip address is
>> available via a simple grep of a downloaded .html file  I already know
>> how to script an ftp session, so that part is easy.
> A simpler solution might be to look at using dyndns.com or one of the other
> dynamic DNS sites. They provide a script (or other tools) that will run on
> your machine and update a DNS entry on their servers when your IP changes.
> You then just use that name when you want to reference your machine from the
> outside world.
> Regards,
> Brad

Brad, I've tried this sort of setup and its been nothing but grief, my
isp's dhcp server has a very long cache setup and it resupplies the
same ip for quite some time, in fact my ip changed once in three
months, and that was after a power outage that forced almost every
client in town to get a new ip when the power came back up.

when I try the dyndns type approach I keep getting emails from the
system saying my account is going to be suspended due to inactivity.

I either need to write a second script to force a dyndns update even
if no ip address has changed, and maintain the script that comes with
the service so I can get faster response when my ip does change.

If it wasnt for the high fee that the ISP charges for static ip (they
dont actually sell static ip, they sell business class service which I
cant afford) I would just get one of those, I have pseudo static ip

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