[Dnsmasq-discuss] two dnsmasq servers providing dhcp for one domain

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I do this by separating the two subnets into two domains.  Then you can tell
the server on domain1 to forward all queries for domain2 to the other
server.  It works well for me, but I always know which subnet each host is
on.  You could also use the config option "server=//server.domain2" and
visa-versa to make all queries with an unqualified domain name forward to
the other server.  If anyone knows a better way, I would like to know

Mike E.

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  I am maintaining an internal private domain using dnsmasq.  However there
are n number of  subnets connected via infrastructure VPN, and up until now
I have had dnsmasq only on one subnet and it has been succesfully serving
DNS for all subnets.  However I now have a need to add DHCP to those
subnets.  Now I have succesfully setup dnsmasq to serve DHCP to the subnet
it is on.  However on the other side of the VPN, obviously dhcp requests
will not be recieved.
  I was thinking I could setup a second dnsmasq instance on the other side
of the VPN, but then each DNSmasq will only know about the DHCP names for
the machines on it's side of the VPN.  I don't think DHCP relay is an option
(I could be wrong - but it is for a rather large number of subnets)
  Is there a way to configure the two dnsmasq servers to update and/or
querry each other?  All machines on the subnets share the same domain, so my
understanding is that if dnsmasq doesn't find hostx.domain.com then it will
give up.

  Currently the dnsmasq also do forward lookups for external addresses.

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