[Dnsmasq-discuss] two dnsmasq servers providing dhcp for one domain

Anand Kameswaran akameswaran at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 16:11:39 BST 2009

Unfortunately, I can't split the subnets into individual domains.  The
separate subnets need to be "invisible" to the outside world for other
reasons.  One thing, that I wondered, can I point to the dhcp.leases file as
an additional source of dns data?  I could then possibly setup nfs and let
each dnsmasq read the other's dhcp.leases file.  Or would that be a really
dumb thing?

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 7:23 PM, Data Control Systems - Mike Elkevizth <
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>  I do this by separating the two subnets into two domains.  Then you can
> tell the server on domain1 to forward all queries for domain2 to the other
> server.  It works well for me, but I always know which subnet each host is
> on.  You could also use the config option "server=//server.domain2" and
> visa-versa to make all queries with an unqualified domain name forward to
> the other server.  If anyone knows a better way, I would like to know
> myself.
> Mike E.
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> I am maintaining an internal private domain using dnsmasq.  However there
> are n number of  subnets connected via infrastructure VPN, and up until now
> I have had dnsmasq only on one subnet and it has been succesfully serving
> DNS for all subnets.  However I now have a need to add DHCP to those
> subnets.  Now I have succesfully setup dnsmasq to serve DHCP to the subnet
> it is on.  However on the other side of the VPN, obviously dhcp requests
> will not be recieved.
> I was thinking I could setup a second dnsmasq instance on the other side of
> the VPN, but then each DNSmasq will only know about the DHCP names for the
> machines on it's side of the VPN.  I don't think DHCP relay is an option (I
> could be wrong - but it is for a rather large number of subnets)
> Is there a way to configure the two dnsmasq servers to update and/or querry
> each other?  All machines on the subnets share the same domain, so my
> understanding is that if dnsmasq doesn't find hostx.domain.com then it
> will give up.
> Currently the dnsmasq also do forward lookups for external addresses.
> Thanks,
> AK
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