[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP options and SIGHUP

Olaf Westrik weizen_42 at ipcop-forum.de
Fri Jul 17 08:01:45 BST 2009

Hello Simon,

>>> The only thing that this doesn't work for is the server address field
>>> in dhcp-boot, since there's no option defined to represent this. As
>>> long as you're relying on the default that's OK. A "pseudo option"
>>> should probably be defined for this data too, to fix this hole.
>> Am I correct to assume that this requires an addition to opttab in
>> option.c (next-server-ip) and matching code in rfc2131.c?
>> If so, say the word and I will get at it :-), not before thursday though.
> Thanks for the offer but I did this last night: it's a simple change.

Works, thanks!

May I suggest changing the option name tftpserver-address in 
server-ip-address (or siaddr)?
IMHO that would make the purpose and differentiation to the tftp-server 
option (66) easier.

Attached I have a small patch that moves logging "read dhcp-hosts file" 
and "read dhcp-opts file" to the dnsmasq-dhcp section.
Apply if you agree. Ignore if you do not agree ;-)

For reference, this is what dhcp-hosts and dhcp-opts file look like:




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