[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq is not sending the hostname to the client.

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Mon Jul 27 15:05:25 BST 2009

richardvoigt at gmail.com (richardvoigt at gmail.com) wrote on 27 July 2009 02:18:
 >> Simon,
 >> I tried adding the dhcp-ignore-names  option as you suggested, but it didn't
 >> make a difference.
 >I don't think that dhcp-ignore-names matches against a MAC address as
 >you've tried to do, it uses a "network-id" instead (although the
 >dhcp-host line can map between them).  Have you tried ignoring all
 >names first to see if it has the desired effect?  Then you can
 >restrict it if needed after you know whether it works.

 >> Running dhcpcd -Td eth0 doesn't print any suggested hostnames from dnsmasq,
 >> unless I tell the client to not send a hostname.
 >> Is it desired behaviour to only send the client a hostname under certain
 >> conditions?  It would really help me out if it always sent it, and then let
 >> the client decide what to do with it.

You might also try dhcp-option-force.

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