[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmask problems/questions

Tom Metro tmetro+dnsmasq at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 19:04:06 BST 2009

JD wrote:
> When I first boot up, dnsmasq is running, but with arguments
> that are not set in the dnsmasq.conf file. I do  not know
> where it is getting those arguments. Also, after bootup,
> I cannot resolve ANY internet address.
> As I stated above, I have to  sudu service dnsmasq restart
> in  order to be able to resolve addresses.
> After the restart, ps -wwef | grep dnsmasq  shows it
> running without ANY command line args, but works for
> a while only.

Check the list archives for a thread I started last month titled 
"multiple programs using UDP port 53." There's a chance you might have 
multiple programs listening on the DNS port. Carefully examine the 
output of "netstat -anp" and see what is listening on UDP port 53.


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