[Dnsmasq-discuss] router won't query itsself

Santiago Zarate santiago at zarate.net.ve
Wed Aug 12 05:08:02 BST 2009

Looks like to me, that in your resolv.conf there's no line pointing to the nameserver 

Are you sure you have this line: nameserver

just in case... restart dnsmasq again 


On Mar 11 Ago 2009 19:00:56 Christ Schlacta escribió:
> my router running dnsmasq won't query itsself.  any machine on the
> network can run "ping oldbaz" and the router will return the proper IP
> address and pinging will ensue.  when I run "ping oldbaz" from my
> router, no ping love occurs :(  I've tried a number of things, including
> listing and my router's IP address in the resolv.conf file,
> and none of it seems to help.
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