[Dnsmasq-discuss] router won't query itsself

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Wed Aug 12 19:07:00 BST 2009

Hallo, JD,

jd1008 at gmail.com meinte am 12.08.09 in dnsmasq zum Thema Re: [Dnsmasq-discuss] router won't query itsself:

> /etc/resolv.conf must ONLY contain
> nameserver


> /etc/dnsmasq.conf   must set

> resolv-file=/etc/resolv.dnsmasq

> Or whatever you decide to call that file, which contains the list of
> the real nameservers.

Just a (not tested) idea:

pppoe and router connections into the WAN lead (in many distributions)  
to a file "/etc/ppp/resolv.conf" which contains the 2 nameservers the  
ISP proposes.

"resolv-file" may lead to this file.

Viele Gruesse!

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