[Dnsmasq-discuss] Where is dnsmasq?

GaryT taig at melbpc.org.au
Fri Aug 21 03:34:52 BST 2009

I'm very new to Linux

Some of your messages would seem to indicate dnsmasq is on a computer
being programmed; I found it in the Router log, which would indicate
it's embedded in firmware.

Where can I find the elements of the language, or equally convenient
if anyone knows, where does one find a reference enabling the
unscrambling (interpretation) of a Sagem 1201 Router log?

There are many sometimes obvious, sometimes obscure lines in this Log.
A large number begin with dnsmasq[225]...

I want to work out what's happening here ie. being read/written
and what's in the scratch pad
	warn    kernel: Read Flash:   part=[SCRATCH_PAD]
	warn    kernel: Write Flash:  part=[SCRATCH_PAD]
Is someone altering router settings?

	kernel: Enter kerSysFactoryInfoGet: strLen[1024],offset[0]
	kernel: FactoryInfo[1-10]=[002 090503]

Info appreciated

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