[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq replies with 127.0.01

Enrique cquike at arcor.de
Sat Aug 22 22:51:42 BST 2009

 I am using dnsmasq in the context of the virt-manager software. My server 
contains the virtualization software, including dnsmasq. I have an issue when 
client of dnsmasq (one of the virtual machines) tries to resolve the name of 
the server. Because dnsmasq runs in the server and it reads the /etc/hosts 
file, it returns as the IP of the server, instead of the IP 
associated to eth0. Is there an easy workaround to solve this issue?
 I think that in general, dnsmasq should avoid replying to remote 
clients, or alternatively not to resolve hostname, even if it is 
in /etc/hosts.

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