[Dnsmasq-discuss] TFTP Boot update "for those who find this problem in the future"

Philippe Faure philippe at faure.ca
Tue Aug 25 02:01:09 BST 2009

It would seem that the network MTU was my limiting factor.  With  
Simon's Help, we were able to find the problem and solution.

My config file didn't mention (being that it was too old) the switch,

Adding it, and restarting dnsmasq, the new system booted straight to  
the install page.

I am using a boot client that is part of the motherboard.
MB: Asus, M4N78 Pro
Nvidia Boot Agent version: 249.0542.

Snip from Simon's Email

> OK, it looks like the client is asking for a blocksize (ie packetsize)
> of 1456 bytes, and that's too big for your network. Because of that the
> packets are getting fragmented and that's really confusing the client:
> in the end the client does something really strange which provokes the
> "unsupported request" error.
> Try adding
> tftp-no-blocksize
> to /etc/dnsmasq.conf. That will cause dnsmasq to reject the request from
> the client for bigger blocks, and may be enough to make it all work.
> Alternatively if you can increase the MTU on the network that might fix
> things.


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