[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp not working

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu Aug 27 16:53:37 BST 2009

Schley Andrew Kutz wrote:
> I am attempting to use dnsmasq to more fully supply functionality for  
> my own project, akin (http://akutz.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/building-a-better-os-x-firewall-or-how-i-solved-the-nat-problem-for-virtualbox 
> ). The DNS portion is working great, but DHCP requests are stuck in an  
> endless loop of DISCOVER,OFFER.
> The options I use are:
> sudo ./dnsmasq -a -b -f -F  
>,,,,1h -K -l /opt/ 
> akin/dnsmasq.leases -d
> I thought it might be an IP tables issue, but I set my deny rule to  
> log and no packets are getting dropped. Besides, I have a static  
> allowance for all traffic on the virtual interface that dns masq is  
> operating on.
> Thoughts?

Look at the logs on the clients to see if they are getting the OFFERs. 
If not look again at iptables.


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