[Dnsmasq-discuss] Disabling "Recursive Query Refusal Detection" and a comment on MX caching.

David Howes david at howes.net.nz
Wed Sep 16 10:59:46 BST 2009

Thanks for a great utility!

We're using DNSMasq as a caching server in front of four DNS servers.
These DNS servers process a very large number of queries.

1) I can see from the list that you've previously answered the issue that
DNSMasq doesn't cache MX records, is this on the schedule at all, or is this
unlikely to ever become a feature?  I ask as MX records are one of the main
reocrd types we see, the lack of this caching hurts.

2) More critically, when DNSMasq decides a nameserver is not allowing
recursive queries it puts "refused to do a recursive query" and seems to
stop using that DNS server?  This breaks *everything*. :)
Is there a switch or option to turn this off as DNSMasq seems to do this
when a server doesn't respond correctly (or at all) for a period of time...

- David Howes.
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