[Dnsmasq-discuss] How to set the timeout dnsmasq uses for upstream queries...

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Wed Sep 23 21:35:48 BST 2009

David Howes wrote:
> Hi again!
> Question 1) Upstream Forwarder/Server request timeout.
> In the resolve.conf of the servers running dnsmasq we have the following
> line:
> options timeout:15
> Does dnsmasq obey this?
> If not how can I set a specific timeout so that DNSMasq will wait "x
> seconds" before giving up on the upsteam server.
Yes, that timeout is valid, since it's really the client which gives up.
If dnsmasq doesn't get a reply from the upstream server, it will never
reply to the client, so the timeout in the client is the valid one.

There are timeouts in dnsmasq too, which are only changeable by
re-compiling. Under very heavy load, dnsmasq will only hold onto a query
for 10 seconds. It always drops unanswered queries after 4 times that
(ie 40 seconds.) This is set in src/config.h



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