[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.51

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Oct 13 18:04:56 BST 2009

Dnsmasq 2.51 is now available from


The Changelog looks like this:

            Add support for internationalised DNS. Non-ASCII characters
            in domain names found in /etc/hosts, /etc/ethers and
	    /etc/dnsmasq.conf will be correctly handled by translation
            to punycode, as specified in RFC3490. This function is only
            available if dnsmasq is compiled with internationalisation
            support, and adds a dependency on GNU libidn. Without i18n
            support, dnsmasq continues to be compilable with just
            standard tools. Thanks to Yves Dorfsman for the

            Add two more environment variables for lease-change scripts:
	    First, DNSMASQ_SUPPLIED_HOSTNAME; this is set to the
            hostname supplied by a client, even if the actual hostname
            used is over-ridden by dhcp-host or dhcp-ignore-names
            directives. Also DNSMASQ_RELAY_ADDRESS which gives the
            address of a DHCP relay, if used.
	    Suggestions from Michael Rack.

	    Fix regression which broke echo of relay-agent
	    options. Thanks to Michael Rack for spotting this.

            Don't treat option 67 as being interchangeable with
            dhcp-boot parameters if it's specified as

	    Make the code to call scripts on lease-change compile-time
	    optional. It can be switched off by editing src/config.h
	    or building with "make COPTS=-DNO_SCRIPT".

	    Make the TFTP server cope with filenames from Windows/DOS
	    which use '\' as pathname separator. Thanks to Ralf for
	    the patch.

	    Updated Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.

	    Warn if an IP address is duplicated in /etc/ethers. Thanks
	    to Felix Schwarz for pointing this out.

	    Teach --conf-dir to take an option list of file suffices
	    which will be ignored when scanning the directory. Useful
	    for backup files etc. Thanks to Helmut Hullen for the

	    Add new DHCP option named tftpserver-address, which
	    corresponds to the third argument of dhcp-boot. This
	    allows the complete functionality of dhcp-boot to be
	    replicated with dhcp-option. Useful when using

	    Test which upstream nameserver to use every 10 seconds
            or 50 queries and not just when a query times out and
            is retried. This should improve performance when there
            is a slow nameserver in the list. Thanks to Joe for the

	    Don't do any PXE processing, even for clients with the
	    correct vendorclass, unless at least one pxe-prompt or
            pxe-service option is given. This stops dnsmasq
            interfering with proxy PXE subsystems when it is just
            the DHCP server. Thanks to Spencer Clark for spotting this.

	    Limit the blocksize used for TFTP transfers to a value
	    which avoids packet fragmentation, based on the MTU of the
	    local interface. Many netboot ROMs can't cope with
	    fragmented packets.

	    Honour dhcp-ignore configuration for PXE and proxy-PXE
	    requests. Thanks to Niels Basjes for the bug report.

            Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.



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