[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq is ignoring dhcp-option=option:router,

Linux User linuxuser09 at gmx.com
Fri Oct 23 03:46:40 BST 2009

My primary computer serves as a DHCP/DNS server and sends out request to my 
second computer. Everything on the second computer is setup properly except I 
can't get my second computer to connect to the internet. Firewall is setup 
fine, I don't see in dmesg that it's denying my second computer access to the 
internet. Matter of fact, I don't see anything that says my second computer is 
trying to connect to the net. 

Things I can do on the second computer
ping works
host google.com works
ping (google.com ip address) fail

When I issue the route command, I see: (The name of my DHCP/DNS server is 
default netsrv.comp1.lo UG 0 0 eth0

I had set dhcp-option=option:router, and I think it should display:
default UG 0 0 eth0

but it doesn't...

Any help I can get to help resolve this would be appreciated...

linuxuser09 at gmx.com
Thank You

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