[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq is ignoring dhcp-option=option:router,

Tim Allingham tim at theallinghams.com
Fri Oct 23 05:19:46 BST 2009

Have you set up any routing for the first PC to pass packets back and
forth to the net? I assume PC 1 is a linux box?

if so you'll generally need to enable ip_forward in the /proc filesystem

normally to do this is 
~# echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

for routing, you'll also need to enable NAT or IP Masquerading to allow
the second PC to access the net.

if your not sure how to do this in iptables/ipfw or your preferred
firewall software, let me know I would be happy to help you out with
this outside of the list

as to your route, it is correct now, it is using the hostname to report
the default gateway, however the hostname is getting cut off due to the
column width in the route table report



Tim Allingham

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My primary computer serves as a DHCP/DNS server and sends out request to my 
second computer. Everything on the second computer is setup properly except I 
can't get my second computer to connect to the internet. Firewall is setup 
fine, I don't see in dmesg that it's denying my second computer access to the 
internet. Matter of fact, I don't see anything that says my second computer is 
trying to connect to the net. 

Things I can do on the second computer
ping works
host google.com works
ping (google.com ip address) fail

When I issue the route command, I see: (The name of my DHCP/DNS server is 
default netsrv.comp1.lo UG 0 0 eth0

I had set dhcp-option=option:router, and I think it should display:
default UG 0 0 eth0

but it doesn't...

Any help I can get to help resolve this would be appreciated...

linuxuser09 at gmx.com
Thank You

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