[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq forwards requests for unknown hosts in its own domain

Gerrit Kühn gerrit at pmp.uni-hannover.de
Wed Nov 4 11:35:03 GMT 2009

Hi folks,

I have a bit of a problem here getting two dnsmasq instances on two
different machines to talk to each other properly:

I have one dnsmasq serving for my subnet (resolving DHCP and external
addresses), and another one serving for an intranet of private IPs inside
the subnet (sitting on a NAT-router). Now I have hosts in the subnet that
can access the intranet hosts via openvpn, so it would be nice if the
subnet dnsmasq could also resolve names for the intranet (most clients do
not know how to use split-dns, so I need one for all).

I set this up via the "server" statement:
server=/intranet.my.domain/<ip of intranet dnsmasq>

This works insofar that requests for hostname.intranet.my.domain are
forwarded to the intranet dnsmasq machine and get answered there. However,
I have a severe problem if I ask for an unknown intranet host like
unknown.intranet.my.domain. This gets forwarded to the intranet dnsmasq,
but it does not answer something like "unknown host" but forwards the
query back to the querying dnsmasq. From there on there queries go
ping-pong until I stop one server.

Does anyone here have a hint for me how to setup this correctly and how to
prevent queries for unknown hosts being sent back from the intranet


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