[Dnsmasq-discuss] 'transparent' dnsmasq servers for local network

Tom Rogie tom at rogie.be
Fri Nov 6 12:27:11 GMT 2009


I'm having a VPN with 2 routers and a dedicated server (vpn-server) on
the internet.

The 2 routers on 2 different locations/ISPs are in fact Linksys'es with
DD-wrt firmware and dnsmasq is servicing DHCP and DNS with dnsmasq for
the local networks. The routers connect to a vpn-server (a dedicated
server at the hosting company) and so the 2 local networks are almost

In the beginning I had 2 different localnets and everything was working

But now most of the computers got replaced by laptops and the users
traveling regularly over to the other sites. I'm also planning to have
users logging in directly to the vpn-server when they are on the field
(outside the 2 local networks, i.e. at home, on the field, using other
internet connections,...)

I would still like to have the network transparent but as we can't know
the position (network) of computers anymore I thought on replacing the 2
networks with a single one and having a 'distributed' network of dnsmasq
servers. Centralising the dhcp/dns on 1 site or on the dedicated server
is not really an option as the vpn is not guaranteed.

I configured the 2 routers and the vpnserver so that they forward local
dns queries to the other servers but doesn't seem to be working... 

What would be the best strategy for my setup?


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