[Dnsmasq-discuss] Problem compiling 2.51 on Solaris 2009.06

Lee Essen lee.essen at me.com
Fri Nov 20 22:37:19 GMT 2009


I've been a dnsmasq user for quite a few years on both Solaris and Linux, but it's been a while since I've tried to build on Solaris. I've just tried to build 2.51 on the latest Solaris build and there seems to be a number of really fundamental issues.

I notice Solaris mentioned quite a few times in the changelog so there seems to be a continued effort around this, and I certainly don't remember any issues in the past, however unless I'm doing something fundamentally wrong (which is a distinct possibility) I think a few tweaks are needed...

I have attached a patch that covers all the changes I needed to make, although I must confess that whilst it's now compiles I haven't tested it yet.

Three main problems...

1.  config.h is included after sys/socket.h -- this means that _XPG4_2 isn't defined yet and therefore all of the CMSG_* defines get missed (CMSG_SPACE for example.)

2. struct ifreq seems to have become struct lifrect (at least if you need ifr_mtu), so this impacts a number of references in two or three files.

3. LOG_PRI doesn't seem to exist at all.

I'm not suggesting my patch is the right solution, it's probably far from it, but it's enough to highlight the issues.

If I'm missed something obvious then please let me know, otherwise I'll continue to test and see if I can come up with a less disruptive way of incorporating these fixes.


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