[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq / dns server / iptables config glitch?

Mark Beierl mark at jemms.net
Mon Nov 23 19:00:21 GMT 2009

Silly thought but - is mysql configured to listen to only? 
Something like

sudo netstat -napt | grep 3306

ought to show if mysql is listening on or


Adam Hardy wrote:
> Thought I had a simple problem but I don't really find anything relevant on the 
> web and I'm not getting any responses to my questions here.
> Just a pointer in the right direction would be helpful - something to put me 
> back on the scent?
> Thanks
> Adam
> Adam Hardy on 20/11/09 20:38, wrote:
>> I have a lan with a gateway machine running an ADSL modem and two NICs with 
>> iptables and dnsmasq.
>> It also runs mysql and tomcat but is currently just a simple gateway, I'm not 
>> trying to configure any DMZ or fancier stuff like that.
>> My problem is that I can access mysql using 'localhost:3306' but I can't access 
>> it on the same box when using the machine name e.g. 'isengard:3306' and my guess 
>> is that I have mis-configured either dnsmasq or iptables.
>> I figure that my command "mysql --host=isengard" is probably being resolved as 
>> external and then getting blocked by the firewall.
>> My dnsmasq config file, based on the example config but with comments removed, is:
>> domain-needed
>> bogus-priv
>> filterwin2k
>> local=/localdomain/
>> domain=localdomain
>> dhcp-range=,
>> dhcp-option=option:router,
>> dhcp-option=option:mtu,1500
>> and my resolv.conf file is:
>> nameserver
>> and I think this is getting continually rewritten by dhcp with the nameserver 
>> info from the dhcp server on the modem which gives the outside NIC its internet 
>> ip address.
>> Does this make any sense? Or rather does anyone see where my situation is 
>> foobarred?
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