[Dnsmasq-discuss] Re : Resolve all domains to the same IP

Vincent Cadet v_cadet at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 2 15:14:06 GMT 2009

Hello Marc

> For an interactive installation, I need everybody
> connecting to my wi- 
> fi network to be shown the same page, hosted in my
> computer.
> I have a router with Dnsmasq installed, connected to the
> computer with  
> the server, IP, so everybody looking for, ie.
> google.com,  
> yahoo.com should see only the contents in the server with
> IP
> Is that possible?

As László Monda wrote, what you are looking for is a captive portal, such as Chillispot (et al.) Such applications are really dedicated to providing a web page where visitors must enter a login and a password to continue surfing.

You can use dnsmasq to send visitors to the same IP address. Unlike a captive portal it can't be dynamic as you'd have to stop the redirection as soon as users are identified, which can't be done easily with dnsmasq and most probably not on a per-user basis. Moreover you'd permanently have every network packet sent to the same IP address, not just web traffic.

Hope this helps,
Vince C.


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