[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNS pattern response

Eric Laganowski eric at laganowski.net
Thu Dec 3 22:48:52 GMT 2009

I guess I am not communicating this well.
The desired dnsmasq behavior would be to reply, say, with to any request starting with "wpad.", not just local domain, so if, say my domain is domain.local, dnsmasq responds with to both wpad.domain.local and wpad.google.com


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i guess you can use a cname record...

tho... i'm pretty sure that cname=wpad, will also work... 

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I am playing with browser proxy autodiscovery feature and would like dnsmasq to reply with a certain IP address to any DNS query starting with "wpad.", any domain might follow. 
Is it possible to accomplish this with dnsmasq? 


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