[Dnsmasq-discuss] query rewriting

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Fri Dec 4 11:17:09 GMT 2009

Tom Metro wrote:
> Is there a dnsmasq directive similar to 'alias' that instead of 
> rewriting IP addresses in the query reply, rewrites the domain in the 
> query? So a query for foo.domain always results in a query for bar.domain?
> This is related to the idea of a CNAME, but the dnsmasq 'cname' 
> directive is restricted to bar.domain being local. I'm looking for 
> something that will work for domains that aren't locally controlled. The 
> 'address' directive is also related, but the target needs to be a 
> domain, or at least a cached lookup, and not a static IP.
>   -Tom

There's no way to do that, and it would be very difficult to provide one 
for the following reason. Dnsmasq doesn't store a query when it forwards 
it: it keeps the minimum amount of information needed to recognise the 
reply and send it back to the original requestor. If the domain was 
re-written before forwarding, there would be no-way to restore the 
original question before returning the answer. The original requestor 
would therefore get an answer to a different question than  the one it 
asked, and ignore it.



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