[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNS pattern response

Eric Laganowski eric at laganowski.net
Fri Dec 4 16:29:04 GMT 2009

Jan 'RedBully' Seiffert wrote:
> Simon Kelley schrieb:
>> Eric Laganowski wrote:
>>> I guess I am not communicating this well. The desired dnsmasq
>>> behavior would be to reply, say, with to any request
>>> starting with "wpad.", not just local domain, so if, say my domain is
>>> domain.local, dnsmasq responds with to both
>>> wpad.domain.local and wpad.google.com
>>> -Eric
>> That's not possible. If one wanted to implement it, the logical way 
>> would be to do full regexp pattern matching on the domains. That has 
>> been suggested in the past, but I've always resisted it on the grounds 
>> that it's overkill.
> But doesn't mean there is no patch.
> I have this laying around for some time, here for dnsmasq 2.50.
> This way one can write:
> address=/:^wpad\..*:/
> or something like that...

 I appreciate your response. Will test is as soon as possible and 
provide with a feedback.


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