[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNS pattern response

Brad Morgan b-morgan at concentric.net
Fri Dec 4 17:30:54 GMT 2009

> Guys, all I want to do is to be able to use my company-provided laptop 
> at home which has proxy in the network. It is configured with a 
> different domain than my local subnet for obvious reasons.
> DHCP was tested and confirmed to work properly with MSIE. FF does not 
> work as it relies purely on DNS (wpad). The idea is to make this as 
> transparent as possible.

I think you need two things. First, an DNS entry on your home network that
resolves wpad.company.network to a local address. Second, at that address,
you need to provide a web server that serves up a proxy configuration file
that basically says bypass the proxy for everything. Here's an example
proxy.pac file:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
** Proxy configuration file 
** Comment out the alert statements by adding // at the
** beginning of the line.
//    alert("url= " + url);
//    alert("host= " + host);
    if (isPlainHostName(host)) {
//        alert("host= " + host + " return= DIRECT (isPlainHostName)");
        return "DIRECT";
    if (isInNet(host, "", "")) { // For testing at
//        alert("host= " + host + " return= DIRECT (isInNet)");
        return "DIRECT";
//    alert("host= " + host + " return= PROXY");
    return "PROXY"; // Proxy for testing at home


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